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We would like to offer the opportunity to every author and writing enthusiast to share their ideas, inspiration, and unique writing style. Make sure to contact us whenever you feel like you have something to share to the world, simply make sure that the articles you create are on a topic related to the main home improvement and building categories of the website. You are not limited in any other way and we will be glad if you are the aspiring new talent who wants to contribute to turning our website into the ultimate guide to home improvement help, advice, and recommendations.

Why write about?

We are accepting guest posts on the main home improvement and building work topics you can find out more about by browsing the website. We are dedicated to creating an unbeatable plethora of helpful guides, advice, and recommendations to provide every DIY enthusiast and curious individual with all the information needed. As we would like to build a wide community of people with shared interests in home improvement services of all sorts, we feel like each and every topic in the context deserves attention. This is why we do not feel like limiting you to certain categories of topics as the world of interior and exterior design and building work is simply way too diverse to have boundaries. By creating a guest post that will be published on our website you have the best opportunity to share your writing talent and enthusiasm, find like-minded people, and satisfy your interest in home improvement, interior and exterior design. You do not have to be a professional in the industry to write for us, you just have to make sure your text is interesting and helpful enough that many people would like to read it, you have checked your facts and your grammar.

Why write for us?

As we have already mentioned, one of our goals is to build the biggest community of people that are enthusiastic and interested in all sorts of home improvement and building work topics. This pretty much means that we will be able to offer to the world a wide network of people with shared but diverse interests and knowledge. You have the unique opportunity to be a part of this community and be able to help others by sharing your knowledge, ideas, and inspiration. By submitting a guest article to our site you have the unique chance to use one of the largest online home improvement and building online platforms and find like-minded people. By publishing your creative ideas and articles on the website you can promote your own business or contribute to the industry you are working in.


In order to make your experience easier and more comfortable, we have prepared a short guidelines list you can browse. We hope that this will inspire you for writing more helpful and creative articles and give you a good idea of what readers find most useful:

• You can submit an article of at least 800 words.
• The main categories of the website include all sorts of professional services including decorating, DIY Renovation, Air Conditioning and Heating, Carpentry, Cleaning, Conservatories, Electrical, Flooring, Insulation, Interior Design, Lighting, Locksmith, Loft Conversion, Painting, Pest Control, Solar Panels, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Dining Area, Living Room, Driveway, Fencing, Garage Conversions, Landscaping, Roofing, Swimming Pool, and much more you can find out more about by browsing the website.
• We can assist you with grammar. However, make sure you have spell checked your text before submitting it.
• The text you submit must be unique and not published anywhere else. We always check the authenticity of all articles submitted.
• If you do not have your own pictures and images to add to the article we will add our own images relevant to the topic of the text.
• If you are using not your own images but images from other sources, please make sure to provide us with information about the source of the images.
• Additionally, you can provide us with an author bio we will publish on the website along with your article.
• After submitting your content we would like to ask you to wait for up to 48 hours so we can review the text’s quality and authenticity. In case your content does not comply with the main rules of our website as well as the main regulations of privacy and data protection.

If you feel that you have something to share with the world, we are looking forward to hearing more from you and your ideas and creativeness. In case you have additional questions or you would like to submit content, make sure to contact us at all_building_work@yahoo.com.