13 Easy Ideas for a Quick Bedroom Remodeling

Who wouldn’t enjoy a freshly renovated bedroom? After all, our bedroom is this special place of the house, the heart of the home, where we all want to feel extra comfortable, relaxed, and happy. So if one single element is missing or not the way we want it, we are most probably considering a remodelling project. The extent to which your bedroom is in a need of remodelling depends on a number of factors as well as your individual preferences.

However, no matter if you have big plans or a modest one, bedroom renovation and remodelling does not necessarily require a big investment of money, time, and energy. Have a look at our inspirational list of 13 easy, cheap, and quick ways to make your bedroom look amazing. Remember, most of these steps are easy to DIY, however, if you do not feel confident, motivated, or inspired enough, do not hesitate to contact your local bedroom renovation and remodelling contractor or another appropriate specialist.

  1. Buy new bedding – Purchasing a new set of bedding for your bedroom is definitely not going to be hard on your budget but it will make so much of a difference. A fresh new set of bedding will make the whole room feel more cosy and comfortable. In fact, depending on the design you are going to choose, you can create a completely new atmosphere and style for your bedroom.
  2. Add new hardware – You can easily spice up the décor of your bedroom with the help of one really small but creative change – replace all the old handles of the bedroom’s furniture with new decorative ones. You will be surprised at how much of a difference such a simple investment can do.
  3. A headboard – Even the simplest bedroom can look amazing with the help of a headboard for your bed. It does not have to be one purchased directly from the store as you can DIY your own headboard.
  4. Dress up the dresser – Even the smallest and most insignificant details around the bedroom have a significant influence on the overall atmosphere. A great idea for making the bedroom look all fresh and inspiring is making the dresser the focal point by adding a few decorative statement pieces.
  5. Declutter – Make sure to get rid of everything unwanted and unused in your bedroom. Decluttering ensures peace of mind and what better place to feel relaxed and calm than the bedroom itself?!
  6. Create a reading corner – It definitely do not requires too much money and energy to create but a small corner dedicated to reading or enjoying a hobby in your bedroom is a perfect way to make the room’s interior be more intriguing and trendy.
  7. Add an interesting trim – You will be surprised with how much of a difference adding an interesting trim or a ribbon on the bed skirts, pillowcases, or shams can make. It may sound very insignificant at first but just try it and thank us later!
  8. A rug – Many people do not feel a room is completed without a rug. In fact, adding a rug in your bedroom will make it feel and appear cosier and more comfortable.
  9. Play around with the furniture you have – Even a slight shift of the furniture pieces will make the room look completely different and more exciting.
  10. Curtains – The case with curtains is the same as the one with rugs – the bedroom does not feel completed and finished without a pair of curtains with an interesting pattern.
  11. A romantic canopy – In order to turn your bedroom into the ultimate serene escape, nothing can beat the specific charm and atmosphere a simple canopy can guarantee.
  12. Textured walls – Wallpapers are coming back on trend in recent time and we can clearly understand why. An interesting and intriguing wallpaper will add a texture to the walls and be the perfect backdrop for a creative interior.
  13. Add a statement chandelier – Simply make sure you are working with a simply designed bedroom and use the luxurious and dramatic appearance of a chandelier as a statement piece.

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