How to Find a Reliable Plumber

Remember all those times you were in need of a plumbing service? We bet that almost all of the time someone will look for a plumber in the yellow pages is out of necessity (well, of course), a real, real serious and fast necessity and often it is all related to an accident. And as you know, quick reactions and fast decisions like this are not necessarily always the best and smartest one. Because of that today we provide you with a short and helpful guide on how to find a good, professional, experienced and reliable plumber and how to recognize the professional and trustworthy plumbing service over the not so great one. Be sure to stay tuned and keep reading!

Call it bad luck, but the best plumbers are almost always busy and in high demand, because they are ready to go the extra mile and really help their customers, met their expectations, desires and needs and work their work with joy, knowledge, the right skills and desire to improve daily. Sadly, there are other types of plumber out there in the big bad world that simply want to take your money and do nothing. Here is how to tell the difference between these two archetypes of a plumber.

Is The Plumber Licensed?

Before hiring a plumbing service, always make sure that the contractor has a plumbing license. This is the most basic rule and even if the plumber is highly recommended to you, if the contractor is not licensed and carry full insurance, maybe skip and look for someone else. The full insurance will protect you in an unexpected situation and even your neighbour’s property in case of a catastrophe.

Read Reviews Online

Be sure to get at least two or more references and read as many online reviews and testimonials as possible. Be sure to take your time and do good research prior to making a final decision. Once you decide on a contractor, reach them through the phone, or leave them a message and ask for how long they have been in the business. In general, reputable companies should last.

Compare Few Quotes

Comparing is sometimes a key to success, in fact, it almost always helps. Be sure that before you make your final choice, you can compare a few quotes and get another bid. Some companies and contractors may offer their job at the bare minimum in a matter of price, however, you can be almost absolutely sure that their job won’t be really that high quality, so does not get tempted by super low prices. If a company’s price appears too expensive for you, do not hesitate to ask them why their service is really that expensive, is there anything different they can offer and provide you with.

Be sure to also ask the contractor for their guarantee, ask for all details. Also, if a plumber gives pricing for small jobs over the phone is not necessarily a good and reliable plumber. Getting a written quote is the way to go and ensures your security and safety as well as theirs. In addition, if unexpected situations and costs happen, a good plumber has to inform you and discuss with you prior to undertaking the job. Get a flat, fixed quote so you will know what exactly the contractor is going to provide you with and exactly how much you need to pay.

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