Wood Flooring vs Carpet

Yet another controversial, highly discussed and very interesting topic in the flooring world we will have a deeper look at today – is wood flooring actually better than carpet or vice versa and how to choose between these two options. We understand very well, that there are and there always will be some hardcore fans to the side of wood as well as some loyal fans to carpets, however our goal in today’s article is showcasing our own opinion and everything we find helpful on the topic and this way, let’s hope, we can help to some people that are still in doubt and need additional information in order to have the peace of mind they are making a smart investment and a decision they will be happy at the end of the day with and won’t regret.

Prior to recommending you carpet over wood flooring, or vice versa, let us start mentioning the main specifics and individual advantages of both very popular flooring options. In general, wood flooring is considered to be extremely beautiful and appealing to many, really many people. There is hardly anyone that won’t enjoy the overall appearance of an elegant, stylish and classic wooden floor. Although wooden floors come in a variety of colours, wood species, finishes, effects, grades, arrangements and what not, all of them can be called very beautiful and each one of them can fit a certain style and interior design or more. Wood is a very versatile product and can fit into almost any setting, from traditional, classic, through shabby chic right to modern, urban and even the Scandinavian minimalistic style.

Because of that wood floors are easy to spot in many historic and modern buildings as well as in domestic and business settings. Besides bringing a lot of elegance and distinctive style to each space, wooden floors are also completely natural and come with all the benefits of a natural product – they are hygienic, they are healthy, they are eco-friendly and they are long-lasting and hard-wearing. Wood is also really easy to maintain and won’t take too much of your time, energy and money to look great for many decades.

Cleaning this type of flooring is super easy and once in a while you can pamper it with a professional maintenance service and have it look like brand new for decades. With that being said, solid wood floors are definitely not the best choice for areas, where things like moisture, indoor humidity and regular temperature changes can be an issue. Wood and water are not best friends and there are no one or two wooden floors that have been completely destroyed due to these common issues in the past. Another thing to consider is the fact that wood is not necessarily the most budget-friendly option over there.

On another hand, carpet is a very popular choice for its lower price that offers value for money and worth it thanks to the simple and beautiful appearance. Besides appealing, carpets are also a very comfortable and convenient choice, perfect for houses with pets and young children and definitely cosier in wintertime. Still, carpets are not that hygienic and a healthy choice. They accumulate and collect a lot of dirt and dust between their fibres and even if it is hard to tell, grime will be always there, deep down and causing allergies and other conditions. Carpets are also not that easy to deep and thoroughly clean and you are most probably going to need some professional assistance and maintenance. It is important to mention too that unlike wood floors, carpets are not that long-lasting and hard-wearing and you will have to replace yours at some point.

Now, what do you prefer, wood flooring or carpet?

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