Wood Floor Maintenance

Hands down, wooden floors are naturally beautiful and durable, what more can you ask for? Be it solid wood or engineered wood, no matter the wood species your wooden floor is made out of, no matter its colour, its finish and its appearance, wood is always the perfect compliment to every setting, every lifestyle and every interior design. However, even that perfect, wood flooring is not flawless and it also can be a subject of issues, some of them minor and easy to deal with, some of the major and a real hassle and fuss. In case you want to skip experience all that, and we guess you definitely do want, the proper wood flooring maintenance is essential, let’s find out more! The most common issues that may happen to your wooden floor are a result of things and changes in the usual environment such as moisture, high levels of indoor humidity, temperature changes, high traffic, heavy footfall, high level of everyday use, etc.

As a result of moisture and indoor humidity, for example, your wooden floor can start to “move”, or shrink and expand. Due to this movement, the planks of the floor can get quickly get loose, moving, squeaky and noisy and the overall durability and stability of the whole constructions will quickly start decreasing. Of course, one of the main reasons for this to happen is the fact that the concrete subfloor underneath is not completely dry and this is something your installation contractor have to deal with prior to the actual installation process. However, a damp subfloor is not necessarily the only reason, since drastic changes in humidity and temperature levels, even indoors, are not something unusual. As you may guess, using too much water, when cleaning your wooden floor is definitely not recommended. Overall, trying to prevent spills, liquids, water, etc. affecting the wooden boards have to be your priority.

The right way to clean a wooden floor is a daily sweeping with a broom with soft bristles and occasionally vacuuming with the attachment of your vacuum machine that is appropriate for hardwood. Every once in a while, mopping with a slightly damp mop is also recommended. There is not a necessity to clean the boards with a cleaning product all the time, but if you prefer to use one, try to find a product with natural pH that is strictly designed for wood. This way you will get rid of the dirt and dust and prevent the finish of the floor from wear and tear and changing colour. Spills and liquids have to be removed as soon as possible, otherwise, they may affect the surface and leave a permanent, or at least very stubborn stain.

With that being said, wood floors also need some more in-depth and professional maintenance every now and then. Sanding and re-finishing are highly recommended every once in a while. The point is that during the sanding process, the whole layer of worn, old and dirty finish will be removed along with all finer scratches, stubborn stains and imperfections of this kind. You will be left with a fresh, beautiful, bare wood to continue work with and here is where re-finishing comes in handy. Sealing and finishing your wooden floors is important not only for achieving some type of effect and enhancing the natural beauty of wood but also for the matter of protection and preservation of the colour, grain and texture. Right after sanding, the finishing product of your choice is going to penetrate through the open pores of the wood and ensure protection from within and also on the surface of the floor.

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