DIY vs Pro – What to DIY and When to Ask for a Professional Help

A home renovation performed DIY from the beginning to the end sounds like a great opportunity to practice your own skills and creativeness, and to save yourself some money from the sometimes pretty expensive home renovation services. However, is this a realistic approach? Being a dilemma many homeowners struggle with when planning a major home renovation, one of the main things when considering DIY-ing is how much of the job you can actually finish yourself. By this, you should understand that DIY-ing is not for everyone, especially when it comes to something as important as your own home. Feeling confident enough to DIY major project is mainly a matter of knowledge, previous experience, some good skills gained along the way. At the end of the day, getting your hands dirty and putting some elbow grease may turn out to be even more than you though at the start!

The first and most important step of a DIY home renovation project that is realistic enough is planning. Consider every job that needs to be finished and look ahead – are you capable of actually finishing it with the desired results? In addition, take in account all costs and timeframes, since a professional service can sometimes cost even lower than a DIY project considering all the materials and equipment needed you probably do not own and are about to purchase. If you do not feel confident enough in planning, it totally worth it to hire a professional to think strategically for you and provide you with an efficient plan including all timeframes, projects, potential costs.

Once it all gets down to initiating the start of the project, one thing you can totally do yourself is purchasing all materials and equipment. Whenever you do not feel exactly sure on what is better to purchase you can always check recommendations online or ask your local manufacturer or supplier for an advice. Purchasing your own materials is a good way to make sure that all the interior details, for example, will meet your preferences and requirements completely and you will be happy with the final appearance of your home.

When it comes to such a major project as structural repairs are, experts recommend you to look for professional help. Most of the older homes, for example, are expected to have some wear and tear in their structure that requires an upgrade by an architect or a professional contractor such as a structural engineer.

On another hand, a light demolition is most probably something you can DIY completely. While working with a sledgehammer or a chainsaw on a heavy-duty demolition is still not recommended for you to do all by yourself, some lighter projects are totally ok. So whenever you need to take down some things like tiles, cabinets, appliances, fixtures, mouldings, floorboards, carpet, all these tasks are completely doable for a DIY enthusiast.

Major steps of a home renovation project include gas, electricity, and plumbing installations and renovations and this part of the home improvement project is better left in the hands of a reliable and experienced professional. However, you can leave yourself the freedom, creativity, and flexibility of finishing some DIY cosmetics around the house. This is where the majority of the homeowners are willing to DIY the most. Since there are plenty of DIY resources available on hand and you do not need any kind of permission to finish some light cosmetic changes, this stage of the home improvement project is totally doable.

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