Best Painting Ideas for 2018

The colour of the walls of a room and the general colour scheme used throughout the house is one of the most important features of the interior design. In fact, colours are so important in our lives in general and have such a significant influence on our psychology and emotions that there is a whole science behind choosing and surrounding yourself with the right colours, shades, and tones, depending on what you are aiming for, what do you need and want, what is your temperament, etc. With such a dominant importance in our lives, especially when it comes to our own home, the place we design ourselves to feel the happiest, most comfortable, and free, the colour of the walls is simply not a light-headed decision.

However, we often find ourselves in a lack of inspiration and ideas about how to re-decorate the space we live in, add a fresh touch, or completely transform the dominant atmosphere. Worry not, because in this case, the help of the professional painting and decorating contractor community comes in handy. Today we would like to present you a short but comprehensive list of the top inspirational colours to dress up your walls in 2018 and the upcoming years, Make sure to take a look and we hope that you will find the inspiration you are on a hunt for.

2018 is here to introduce us to the more edgier, exciting and unexpected colour palette in comparison with the 2017’s basics, warm camels, and shades associated with the nature and simplicity. Especially considering the colour of the year according to the Pantone Institute, Ultra Violet is just the beginning of a long list with creative shades, bold tones, and eccentric colours.

Caviar Black – Almost on the cusp of being simply charcoal, caviar black may sound like too intimidating at first but give it a chance for an extra bold and dramatic look.

Fresh Turquoise – What better way to make a room the statement piece of the entire house than painting it in this vibrant and refreshing shade.

Sunshine Yellow – Yellow is definitely a classic choice for many places because it is associated with live, warmth, happiness, and cosiness.

Romantic Blush – Since pink is known as the Millennial colour, we simply cannot get enough of the beautiful, romantic, and very intricate shade of blush pink. It is a perfect choice for every interior as it is simple, elegant, and matches to all sorts of decors and styles.

Rich Earthy Tones – Remaining from the past year, the rich earthy tones are still here for all fans of the neutral and eco-friendly interior.

Fiery Red – Many people would suggest forgetting about painting the walls in red the minute you come up with the idea. In fact, this is not the classiest and easy to handle colour, but once you do you just won’t be able to get enough of this passionate and sophisticated addition to the room.

50 Shades of Purple – Naturally, with the colour of the year according to Pantone being a shade of purple, the rich and thoughtful shades of the palette start gaining more and more popularity and recognition for the energy and depth purple walls add to every room.

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